Cookies improve the services that we offer. Some are strictly necessary for site operation, while others make it possible to optimise performance and offer the user a better experience.

Functional cookies:

  • Remember log-in data
  • Offer you safe navigation after logging in
  • Guarantee an appearance that is coherent with the website

Performance cookies:

  • Optimise website performance, reducing the loading times of the visited pages
  • Improve the user's experience

Targeting cookies are used to:

  • Allow you to use the "share" and "like" functions

Examples of use:

  • They provide device recognition service, to avoid having to continuously enter information that has already been provided
  • They recognise that a user name and password were already provided when you logged into any reserved area of the site, saving you from having to repeat this operation for every requested web page
  • They calculate how many users are using the services, so as to facilitate use and ensure the capacity required for fast navigation
  • They analyse data to allow management to understand how the services are used, so they can be improved.

Not authorising cookies may mean that the site will not work correctly.

To eliminate any cookie files that are already on your computer, we recommend reading your browser instructions by clicking on "Help" on the relative menu.

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